Yoga Quest

Yoga Quest

Yoga Quest

Yoga Quest

8 Week Yoga Course

Every Saturday

12 August- 30 September
The Collective Yoga Massage Myotherapy Brunswick
494 Lygon St
East Brunswick

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Saturday 1 July 3-4:30pm

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Yoga Quest

Move your yoga practice into the more spiritual domain of yoga teachings and cultivate spiritual insight and intuition in your everyday life!

Receive written course material, one yoga nidra recording and one meditation recording as part of the package!

Join us for an 8 week immersion into yoga that will definitely transform you if you are willing to apply the practices.

Come along and learn about the 3 Upayas- the 3 skillful means of liberation and learn different yoga practices and techniques for each of the three Upayas (methods) that include how classical Tantra yoga philosophy views life, personal reflections to help you realign with a more integrated state of being, contemplating spiritual teachings to expand your world view, how to work with the mind for releasing social/mental and emotional conditioning, techniques for centering and expanding your awareness and consciousness, and yoga practices for purifying the physical and subtle body through asanas (yoga postures) pranayama (breathing techniques) meditations and mantras and yoga nidra.

This course welcomes:

  • Anyone who yearns to explore whether there is more to life than the one you are living right now, even if you are new to yoga
  • Serious yogini’s and yogi’s
  • Yoga teachers

Come with curiosity, openness and willingness to consider a different perspective.

This course is facilitated by Eleni Kyrpigikidis from Yogahari Healing to find out more about Eleni go to>>

For more information about this course please contact Eleni directly via email >>

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