Selenge Sepp

Yoga Teacher

Selenge moved from Mongolia to Australia in 2010 where she discovered yoga. She studied Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, guided by the wisdom of guru Kamal Singh and also travelled to Bali learning about the “Yoga Energetic” from internationally renowned teacher Cat Kabira. Selenge currently teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Slow Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga. Her class motto is simply “Learning with love and care” and to ensure a deep focus to each individual’s needs, she provides attentive guidance through alignment correction, breath direction and by holding a safe and nourishing space for students to move and connect with their body.

Selenge will lead through slow yet strong vinyasa flow encouraging you to become conscious in your movements, breath and subtle energies. The class strongly focuses on strengthening body and mind in a gentle manner through firing up the solar plexus (chakra Centre of willpower) and includes strong flow, nurturing restorative postures, breath-work and meditation. She is a big believer that practicing yoga and meditation first thing in the morning cultivates positive living.

Selenge’s Yoga Class-

Wednesdays 10am Slow Vinyasa

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