Liana Kent Nutritionist

Liana Kent Nutritionist Brunswick


Liana’s interest in cooking began as a young child when she would often help her mother in the kitchen and frequent the local farmers markets picking out her favourite fruits and vegetables. After living abroad in Europe and being exposed to a new variety of diets and foods, she returned to Australia, quickly enrolled into university and her passion for healing grew.

Her interest in gut health came from her own battles, journey’s, and realisation that most disease states start from a disrupted GIT system. Liana’s fascination for learning didn’t stop when she left university, she has attended many conferences including the three day Metagenics gut health symposium this year, obtaining the latest and most applicable diagnostic techniques and dietary advances that she has applied in her practice.
Along with nutritional advice, Liana will examine your physical and psychological well being. Treating the body needs to be done in a holistic way that looks at each person as an individual. Liana believes that everybody is different so each and every body should be treated as such.


Liana Kent Nutritionist Brunswick


Treatment description


An initial consult will go through a series of questions surrounding your present complaint and any relevant body systems, life style questions, diet and physical examinations may be performed.

A tailor made treatment plan will be given with short and long term goals.

Your initial consultation will asses not only your eating habits, but also your life style and take into consideration your day to day activities.

All consultations will take into consideration each persons needs and tailor made programs will be discussed and designed together.


Prices /Treatment lengths

Initial consults – $110,  one hour

Return consultations – $70,  30 – 45 minutes

Wellness consult – $70, 30 minutes, note a wellness consult will only go through diet not all body systems.



Tuesday mornings and Saturday afternoons.