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We all reach points in our life where we are not sure what the next move is. More often we don’t have the energy to even think about what is possible. If your feeling stuck, lacking energy and confidence holistic kinesiology can help unlock the answers.

Kinesiology is a natural health modality which uses gentle muscle testing to find disturbances or stress in your energy flow. It follows the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the acupressure concept of energy flow. Distrubances or stress in your energy flow may be structural, chemical, nutritional, mental, emotional or spiritual.

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Kinesiology can assist with:

– stress, anxiety, depression

– self-esteem

– removing old thought patterns and sabotages

– life purpose, achieving goals

– learning ability, memory retention

– physical coordination

– communication

– fatigue, general lack of energy and motivation

– physical pain

Your body has innate healing energy and, believe it or not, at all times is doing its best to provide care for itself. Sometimes though it needs to be guided into a better position to obtain optimum care. By pin-pointing where the stress lies within your body, we can then bring awareness to what is needed to clear and release the blockage and determine how best to support the body, spirit and mind.

Kinesiology balancing brings a person closer to achieving their goals by identifying road blocks and training and guiding the body towards optimum function. It can also help clear old thought patterns or belief systems that no longer serve you in reaching your goals.

If you want to reduce stress and to experience a more fulfilling life, I would be honoured to assist you on your journey.

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Bronwyn Hults

Hi I’m Bronwyn I am a relaxation massage therapist, holistic kinesiologist and baby massage instructor. Having been a ball of stress myself in prior years, struggling with energy levels, health issues and ultimately leading a path of unhappiness something had to chance. After a personal exploration of Kinesiology, Relaxation Massage and other holistic therapies, the benefits of these empowering modalities lead me to career change where the corporate clothing was ditched for good with the promise not to look back!

Having landed in many leadership roles in my previous career, I had the natural ability to build a team, encourage others to step up and chase their dreams I discovered a natural ability to empower others. Gaining satisfaction from watching these individuals blossom I recognised the need to step up myself and connect with more individuals who wanted to learn to blossom.

Fast forward a few years now that the layers of stress have been peeled back and replaced with new healthier pathways and ways of living. Having learnt to connect to the inner voice, desires and passions so many of us ignore, I found myself if the most rewarding position of facilitating others towards healthy change.

If you desire a supportive and nurturing environment to surrender to your stress, eliminate anxiety and begin to blossom we can work together.  Surrendering on my massage table and being supported in a relaxing environment with the use of essential oils will decrease your stress, and increase your energy levels. Ready to shift old thinking and get clearer on your goals? Book in for a Kinesiology session to discover your purpose and passion in life.

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