James Maddock


A Kiwi bloke who’s made Melbourne his home, James unites his passionate geek nature with a love for helping people feel better.
More than “just a massage therapist’, James has done extensive post-grad study and workshops since graduating in 2007 to continue learning the most effective ways to resolve complicated conditions such as carpal tunnel, wry neck and frozen shoulder.
His manner is empathetic and encouraging. He loves watching people make improvements and being a part of their progress. James has been through many stages in his own life so far and understands that others have their own journeys to take, so he loves to be supportive.
He is also a big fan of the zombie-effect of a deep relaxation massage. If you need to let go of your troubles, he can pull out all his most flowing, hypnotic moves and get you into your Zen-Zone.



Diploma of Remedial Massage