Nourishment Ritual- The day spa treatment for you in Brunswick

Day Spa

Nourishment Ritual – Day spa treatment with intention

3.5 Hours $350 

This day spa ritual is designed to be a hedonistic experience of different sensations, smells and caring touch to help top up or refill your energetic cup. The ultimate self-care ritual made to be a turning point of your life. You’re encouraged to set an intention for something you would like to bring into your life and use this treatment to honour that intention and create some resonance. 

This Experience- 

Herbal foot bath scrub & moisturise 

Essential oil breathing meditation 

All over exfoliation dry brush 

90 minute leave no stone unturned massage with Organic Coconut Oil 

Warm hand exfoliation moisture treatment 

Anti-Inflammatory green tea eye bath  

Warm argan oil head massage 

Tension relieving facial massage with organic face oil 

Calming 45 minute infrared sauna session 


To book you ritual please call the studio on 0405569299 or book online 

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