Chiara Sacco

Yoga Teacher

Chiara’s teaching approach is inspired by her ongoing curiosity and personal investigations of our Body Mind Map – all of the parts which map your world.

She is fascinated by how we have evolved, continue to evolve, and by how our cellular story and experiences both shape and influence who we choose to become. Chiara views our individual map as a mode for discovering greatness and an opportunity for relearning a natural way of moving, a natural way of being.

Chiara strongly believes that we are moving beings that think, not thinking beings that move, and therefore our potential to cultivate personal freedom and drive our own development is immense.

Her inspiration as a Yoga and Movement Educator also comes from studying and exploring the human field with renowned Yoga and Movement specialists such as A.G. & Indra Mohan, Camilla Maling, Tara Judelle, Amy Weintraub and Andrew Mournehis.

Chiara’s teachers have all fuelled her work and given body to her unique teaching style of playful sequencing, free fluid movements, combining breath with movement, sound therapy and adopting a quiet listening.

She specialises in Beginners and Restorative classes, Hatha Yoga with techniques for mood management and for easing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

With love, a calm poise and lightheartedness, Chiara offers a bold and authentic yoga and movement approach to her students. She is in it with you and empowers you with the skills to take risks in traversing your individual map and in exploring connection and relationship with Self.

You will be invited to climb inside yourself to discover what is there for you at any given time, your fears, what moves you, and what connects you with your aliveness.