The Collective Yoga Massage Myotherapy

Escape The Ordinary

Feel the good vibes in this plant filled, rainbow wellness hub!

This space & community has been created to be  fun, inclusive, innovative, non superficial, connected & sustainability minded.

This studio is the first baby step of building a world class health centre in Brunswick, The Collective is aiming to open a warehouse style

Yoga Studio – Bathhouse – Day Spa – Health Food Cafe – Sustainable Retail Store

Join the The Collective on your health journey & the development of a small business doing something big in BRUNSWICK!

Yoga Playground

Here at the yoga playground we offer small personal yoga & pilates classes to suit everyone. It’s a space to be yourself, let go & give yourself time to smile. We’re creating a wholesome yogi community within our studio and we want you to come join us!

Everything you need is provided we have mats and props provided for free 

We don’t require you to book classes but we do appreciate it

Wellness Space

A beautiful space designed to stimulate your body to relax simple organic minimalist design to clear your head a help you be able to fully benefit from your treatment by calming the mind so the body can heal.

The Lush Wellness Space offers-

  • Spa Treatments
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Myotherapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Soul Calming Relaxation
  • Deep Tissue Flow
  • Osteopathy

We are inclusive & a LBGTQ+ Friendly Space.

For payments we take cash, eftpos, credit card or for membership we have direct debits available.

Wheelchair & Pram accessible


**Timetable is subject to changes please check live timetable above**

Timetable & Pricing

Price List

Book Appointment



One Month Unlimited Yoga Intropass $49 (limit of 1 per person)

Give Me Everything Intro $300 (limit of 1 per person)

3 Massages, 3 Infrared Saunas & 1 Month Unlimited Yoga

Casual Class $25/22.5 concession

Weekly Unlimited Yoga Membership $24.75 Per Week. No lock in contract *2 Week Minimum

Weekly Unlimited Yoga Student Membership $22.2 Per Week. No lock in contract *2 Week Minimum

Monthly Unlimited Yoga Membership $99 Per Month. No lock in contract

6 Months Unlimited Yoga $550/500 concession

12 Months Unlimited Yoga $1100/1000

10 Class Pack $186/167 concession 12 month expiry

20 Class Pack $336/306 concession 12 month expiry

50 Class Pack $660/600 concession 12 month expiry


*Health insurance rebates available

*Free class with every treatment

Massage Intro 3 Massage & 3 Free Yoga Classes $231


Remedial Massage*

Soul Calming Relaxation

Deep Tissue Flow

Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes $95

90 Minutes $130

5 Massage Pack $403

10 Massage Pack $807

Spa Treatments

Nourishment Ritual 3.5 Hours $385

Calming Detoxification 2.5 Hours $300

Pregnancy Indulgence 1.5 Hours $176

Infrared Sauna

Private 45 Minute Sessions, Everything Provided.

Infrared Sauna Intro Pack 3 Sauna Sessions $60

Single Sauna Session $44

5 Sauna Pack $176

10 Sauna Pack $330

Gift Vouchers Available

Please call the studio on 0405569299 for gift vouchers

Our Memberships

All members receive 10% of treatments

No Lock in Contracts, Cancel anytime before your next debit

Direct debit via credit card or bank account

Wellbeing Membership Unlimited Yoga, Monthly Massage &  Infrared Sauna $189 Per Month

Weekly Unlimited Yoga Membership $24.75 Per Week

*Minimum of 2 weeks

Monthly Unlimited Yoga Membership $99 Per Month

Student Membership Unlimited Yoga $22.2 Per Week

*Minimum of 2 weeks

Our Yoga Classes

Snazzy Mat Pilates

Pilates is a system of physical and mental conditioning developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. It utilizes the mind-body connection and challenges the body to work in optimum movement patterns thereby correcting body alignment, posture and balance. The 6 Pilates principles; Centering, Control, Concentration, Breath, Precision and flowing Movement. All exercises guide the body to work with optimum efficiency. Pilates works on strengthening the transverse abdominis (core) to help protect and strengthen the spine. Pilates focuses on strengthening your muscles and firing those muscles that maybe not firing by under use. Stretching and strengthening is a massive part of Pilates and the tools you learn in class you can take into everyday life.
Pilates Brunswick.


Beginners Foundation

A slow simple yoga flow with certain yoga posed unpacked & explained to create a solid foundation for yoga in the future. If there is something you would like to work on with your yoga attend this class & talk to the teacher about what you would like to learn. Beginner’s yoga Brunswick.

Slow Steady Flow

Join Chiara for a delicious slow flowing yoga practice. Begin to awaken your body, adopting a quiet listening and tuning into how your body wishes to move. Chiara will invite you to identify your ‘tight spots’ and ‘holding on’ patterns, as a means of empowering you to consider a more wholesome approach of trusting yourself to move through your world with more ease and confidence. The more you are in a state of let-be and relaxation, the more you are settled, calm and clear in your thought process. Chiara is delighted to offer sound therapy and breathing techniques to make your transition into your external world a smooth one.

Beginner Friendly

Therapeutic Flow & Meditation

This integrated yoga and meditation class is designed for students of all levels. Connect with mind, body and spirit by incorporating awareness of breath, gentle and flowing asana sequences and guided meditation. This class will build strength, increase flexibility and energy flow (prana) in the body. With chakra, sound practices and mindfulness meditation to calm the mind. Principles of mindfulness will be included throughout with the aim of experiencing inner stillness, clarity, relaxation and peace.

Beginner Friendly

Bliss Yin

Description coming soon!

Beginner Friendly

Juicy Vinyasa

Description coming soon!

Beginner Friendly

Exploration Yin

Description coming soon!

Slow Burn

Slow Burn is suitable for all levels, with options and adaptations provided for all challenging poses. Like vinyasa, movement follows breath, however poses are held longer. This allows one to mindfully map and safely align the body, and then sit deeper into the pose. This practice is a non-judgmental and nurturing way to understand, accept and explore individual limitations and to challenge and expand comfort zones. The slower pace of Slow Burn, allows time for reflection and deeper understanding of self, before rushing to the next pose. In this space, a connection with self, the mind, the koshas (bodies), breath and spirit can be cultivated and yoked. In mindful reflection, a light is shone on patterns of thought and reaction, providing valuable insights for life on and off the mat.

Heart Vinyasa

Description Coming Soon!!

Waking into Awareness

Moving from stillness into a dynamic flow, we waken into being.
This class utilizes breath, body, mind and space as a means to explore and inquire.
Body, mind and spirit enlivened, we step whole into the present day.

Wholesome Vinyasa

The Wholesome Vinyasa is a slow yet strong vinyasa flow encouraging you to become conscious in your movements, breath and subtle energies. The class strongly focuses on strengthening body and mind in a gentle manner through firing up the solar plexis (chakra Center of willpower) and includes strong flow, nurturing restorative postures, breath-work and meditation.

Deep Intentional Flow

A strong and steady, intentional flow.
The students will be guided through a dynamic, breath centered vinyasa flow, whereby traditional asanas are linked and held to develop strength and stability of both mind and body.
We will be inspired by a weekly sankalpa (intention) throughout the practice and close with a brief, mindful meditation to further root our intention.

Dare to Soar

Dare yourself to try something different, from creative, flowing sequencing to moving to your own beat with some exotic tunes. Chiara uses humor and a lighthearted approach to lead her students through a courageous and uplifting practice. Experience a new way of being as you traverse through your unique Body Mind Map. You will be invited to cultivate strategies that will help you soar and trust your body’s intelligent, natural way of moving.

Emerge from Within

Expect to move freely and fluidly, working towards a beautiful balance between strengthening and melting the whole self one breath at a time. Feel Welcomed, Soothed & Nourished
Chiara will invite you to listen to how your body wishes to move, and to find your own rhythm, your own breath, your desire to move and be moved, and the trajectory of your curiosity, an opportunity to emerge from within.

Beginner Friendly

Immersive Yin & Yoga Nidra

Yin Yoga with Sound Healing. A quiet, gentle and meditative practice with music, incorporating long held floor poses to nourish the joints and improve flexibility. The use of props helps to reach a deeper release. A wonderful balance to a strong yang (eg. vinyasa) practice. Yin yoga focuses on the connective tissues, stimulating the energy meridians throughout the body. While this form of yoga is more passive, it can also be quite challenging. It is a re-set for the body and mind to a calm, relaxed state. Adding a bonus recalibration of your nervous and energetic systems through the sound vibrations, it truly drops you into a state of pure BLISS!!

Flow & Discover

This class is an exploration into being.
Each week is host to a new theme that creates a container for us to press up against.
A hatha based flowing practice that will progress to a peak pose with variations relevant to those who’ve gathered. A space to meet, explore, inquire and discover.

Beginner Freindly

Pre-Natal Yoga

Pre-Natal Yoga is a wonderful practice in preparing for childbirth and motherhood. An ongoing gift physically, emotionally and spiritually – for you and your baby. Regular Yoga practice throughout pregnancy can help ease common ailments such as fluid retention, muscle aches, helps to support and maintain correct body posture & awareness as your baby grows. Nurturing & safe options given for all stages of pregnancy and any special needs that may arise.

Funky Vinyasa

From start to end Funky Vinyasa is an uplifting and balancing blend of Yoga to the backdrop of a music mix matched to the energies of the sequence. Add in some free flowing movement and you have a wonderful weave of rhythm & strenuous yoga flow. The vision behind Funky Vinyasa is to blend the ancient Yogic wisdom with a contemporary sensibility – using traditional Yoga poses and sequences, but then inspiring creative movement through the postures. Get ready to sweat.

Beginner Friendly

Hatha Jive & Restore

The Hatha Jive is half super fun energetic hatha yoga flow mixing in funky music to fill the room with good vibes, the cool down half is a calming, restorative class with the aims of full body restorative poses. Sara has a focus on postural correction and uses techniques from her profession as a myotherapist to inject a sense of safety, healing and restoration into this class. This is a safe class for people recovering from injuries.

Kinder Sparks Kids Yoga

This class for 3 to 5 year olds incorporates yoga postures, music, dance, story-telling, partner/group work and games, together with exercises focusing on the breath and mindfulness. There is balance between structure and spontaneity, excitement and calm. Most importantly of all, it’s a whole lot of FUN! Beyond being a fantastic and non-competitive form of physical exercise for your child, the benefits of yoga and movement for children range from increased strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination to improved sleep, increased self-esteem and confidence and improved concentration.

Wellness Space

Come and grow in our lush organic wellness space. Offering a diverse range of treatments to support your body, mind & soul.

The Wellness Space at The Collective feels like a spa so even when you come for a a clinical based treatment it still feels like a relaxing treat.

Below you will see information about our-

Wholesome Massages

Therapeutic Clinical Based  Treatments

Infrared Sauna

Hedonistic Spa Packages

Clinical Based Treatments

Massage Treatments

Infrared Sauna

Spa Packages

Our Team

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The Collective's Blogs

Private Event Space Hire

If you’re looking for a space to hire to run a private event, workshop or class contact Sara on 0405569299 for more info.

Do you need to hire some yoga mats and props?

If you find yourself in a pickle and you need to hire some mats and props for a event feel free to give us a call to see if they are available. Yoga mats and Props hire available regularly on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Call Sara on 0405569299

Contact Us

Phone: 0405 569 299
Address: 494 Lygon Street Brunswick East 3057 VIC

**We are near the Lygon/Albion st intersection. Google maps can sometimes take you too Carlton instead of Brunswick East. We are across the road from Organic Wholefoods in Brunswick.

Email: thecollectiveyogasara@outlook.com

Instagram- @thecollectiveyogabrunswick

Studio Hire

For more information on studio hire please contact Sara at
Phone: 0405 569 299
Instagram:  thecollectiveyogabrunswick


1 Hour parking available on Lygon Street
2 Hour parking available on Eddy Street behind the studio enter via Bladen Avenue from Lygon street.

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